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Icy Tower 1.5

In this game you will take on a seemingly simple challange: climb a tower
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Skill games constantly make you want to better yourself: each time you restart the game, you think that this time you are going to go all the way. This is exactly the kind or reaction that you will get when playing Icy Tower.

Icy Tower is an arcade game where you will test your skills and reflexes. You goal is to climb to the top of a seemingly endless tower by jumping on icy platforms. The thing to remember is that your movement speed will influence the height of your jumps. Furthermore, you shouldn't forget that you are on slippery terrain so your character won't be able to stop exactly when you command it too.

The newest versions of Icy Tower have brought some major improvements to the game. The program will now allow you to create multiple profiles so that each player will have their own statistics. Moreover, you can now manually insert the gravity level while playing in custom games. Another great improvement is the addition of a new character: Jungle Jane.

There are a lot of nice things about this game. Firstly, I was really amused because you can actually bounce from walls, which is very helpful as it allows you to pick up more speed. Another really surprising feature is the capability of the program to save a replay of your previous performance. You can even keep the videos which contain moves that you want to show off.

The graphics and sounds in the game are also impressive. I couldn't believe that this application only occupies eight megabytes on my hard-disk. I've seen a lot of larger games with graphical designs that don't even come close.

In my opinion, Icy Tower is really worth trying out. I had a lot of fun playing and I actually couldn't believe it's free to play as I'm sure that a lot of people would actually pay for it.

Sean O'Reilly
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  • Features some very good graphics for such a small game
  • Can be played in Windowed Mode as well as in Full Screen
  • Allows users to create multiple profiles


  • Tries to install the Free Lunch Design Game Bar during the setup process
  • Attempts to install TuneUp Utilities 2013 along with the game
  • Doesn't support mouse control, not even for the menus
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